Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steampunk Coat at Steampowered Convention

Every year that I make coats is another year of enjoyment. I dont know why it makes me so happy but there is something so satisfying about doing this. I am very lucky to love what I do so much.
A silkscreener moved into the studio courtyard. He was showing me his designs and all I could think of was how great they would look combined with coats. We put it together and I came up with this one. I call it the Praying Mantis Coat because for some reason I have been having praying mantis's popping into my last two studios to say hi. This time one came around and really seem to appreciate my efforts. And he liked that it was spidery and green just like him.
This coat is made from black bull denim, features Richards art work and my appliques. It went to the home of Andy Bear and John Inis. (please forgive me if I have misspelled your last names)

So now that this creation has found its owner, I have to go sit on Richard and get more art out of him. I aim to make it a very different feel than this one. I cant wait.


  1. the silk screening on denim is so current, and looks awesome on this coat--congrats on finding such a great creative mind to partner with for projects like this one!

  2. Steampunk hmmmm my daughter was looking at one picture of your coats on FB and said she has a steampunk style...and low and behold I go to your blog page and it says "steampunk" lol I tell you kids know everything...